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Giving A Great Customer Support Experience Is Important To Us

Sep 4, 2015 11:27:00 AM / by Jeff Knepper

CustomerCare is so important to us that it's in our mission statement. We want to operate at the highest level of integrity, character, and respect. And giving great CustomerCare is just one part of the experience.


Poor Customer Experience

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You call a company for support and get a machine that will help direct you to the proper department. After listening to all the options, you press a number that closest resembles your purpose for calling. This is often a multi-step process and when you've finally made it to what the machine believes to be the correct department you get stuck in a queue and are the 5th person waiting. After listening to elevator music for 15 minutes you finally get through to a human only to learn that you will have to be transferred to another department and are now the 7th person in the queue. Elevator music for the next 20 minutes. You also have to hope that your cell phone doesn't die or you accidentally hang up by bumping the end call button.

So you finally get to the correct department and someone picks up the phone. Only problem is that they have an accent and it is hard to understand them. You try explaining your problem and they tell you the obvious solutions that you already tried twice before you called. So you try again, but it still doesn't work. After 30 more minutes on the phone you still don't have your problem solved and they don't know how to help you. Eventually they say they will look into the problem and get back to you with a solution in the next few days. By now you are so frustrated that you've given up hope of solving the problem and you know they won't contact you like they said they would. But you have other things you need to get done and you've already wasted more than an hour of your time.


Great Customer Experience

When you call us for support you will be greeted by a human. You will then be transferred directly to our experienced support team. If the problem is simple our team can get you on the right track in a matter of minutes. If the problem is difficult our support team can pull a developer in and get a solution to you quickly. If there is a bug in our software we will fix the problem for you and build a new release as quickly as possible.

We try to live by the rule: "Do unto other as you would have them do unto you". We want great customer support when we need it, so we want you to get great CustomerCare from us too.


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Jeff Knepper

Written by Jeff Knepper