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Using Historian and Trending Solutions to Increase Product Quality

Mar 24, 2016 2:19:00 PM / by Jeff Knepper

Increase your product quality in four easy steps.


Collect Data

Collect data for all pieces of equipment in a process that you desire to improve. Make sure that you are logging data at the correct frequencies. Slower changing data can be logged at lower resolutions, but critical data should be logged at higher resolutions. The goal here is to make sure that you will have access to all process variables.


Understand Data

Use a trending tool to view the data. Trending tools are valuable because they show you the history of your data and allow you to visualize your process parameters. You should learn which values are dependent and which one are independent. When you understand how your variables interact with each other you will begin to gain a greater understanding of your process. Create charts that help you visualize the critical parameters in your process.


Compare Batches

When you get a great batch of product compare the data to other batches that did not do as well. By comparing the data between the two batches you can determine the factors that led to the increased or decreased quality. Use this information to improve your current process.


Tweak Variables

Until you are fully satisfied that you have optimized your process to its full potential, make small changes to the variables in the process to see what affect they have on the end product. If the change was good keep doing it, if it was bad try something else. When you are satisfied with the result, make sure that all future batches follow the same procedure. Continually compare data to your golden batch.


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Jeff Knepper

Written by Jeff Knepper