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Preventing Data Loss

Mar 3, 2014

This post is meant to educate you of precautions you can put in place to help prevent data loss. Our software is designed to handle sporadic network communications losses between the logger and Historian, but there are other circumstances beyond our control that could cause data loss; some being power loss, corrupted drives, reboots, natural disasters, etc.

The following suggestions could help you improve your data reliability and security:

Use UPS power supplies so your server(s) can still run during short term power loss situations

Disabled automatic OS updates and reboots on your Historian server(s)

Use a Kepware OPC server that automatically switches between a primary and secondary PLC

Use a RAID drive configuration on your Historian server(s) to protect against drive failure

Backup historical data files to an off-site location

Use the "Mirror" service to maintain a backup of your Historian(s)

Log data to multiple Historians using our "Store & Forward" technology

Utilize our "High-Availablity" solution powered by Stratus on your Historian server(s) to have a completely redundant hardware solution

Consult with our engineering staff who can help you design a system configuration to meet your needs

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