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CSIA Webinar: Digital Marketing

Apr 27, 2016 3:42:00 PM / by Jeff Knepper

Digital marketing is like going to the gym; everyone knows they should be doing it, most of us even want to do it, but sometimes it seems impossible to get started.

Let Jeff Knepper, Executive Director of Sales for Canary Labs, help you take the first steps in establishing a digital presence.  Throughout a series of short, twenty minute webinar presentations, he will educate you on:

  • The basics of digital marketing
  • How to check your keyword ranking
  • Developing a search engine marketing campaign
  • How to leverage display advertising
  • Geo-fencing and how it applies to you
All sessions will be designed with the novice or first time marketer in mind.  Feel free to share this information with any staff members that you would like to attend.

Canary Labs is working with CSIA members to provide the first of a series of digital marketing webinars beginning June 7, 2016, at 4:00PM EST.  If you would like to receive more information regarding upcoming webinars, all provided at no charge to you, please enroll in the upcoming mailing list below.  As dates for all future webinars are set, you will receive more information.


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Jeff Knepper

Written by Jeff Knepper