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AxiomTrend: Unlocking Your Data Historian

May 9, 2016 8:17:00 AM / by Jeff Knepper

AxiomTrend is an intuitive and easy to use data analysis client. Retrieving information from your data historian, AxiomTrend visually transforms your process data into easy to understand analytical trends. Once visually plotted, these trends can be used to improve your processes, increase quality and enhance operational efficiency.


Currently, most companies are taking advantage of a robust data historian, understanding that saving their process data is important. However, very few companies are leveraging the analytical information that is hidden in their data historian, easily lost among millions of process data values. 


AxiomTrend empowers operators, engineers, and managers to use a common analytical tool for viewing both real-time and historical process data anywhere at any time, and makes data visualization easy. View, analyze and report trend information simply and quickly in the format you want. Trends are delivered to either a rich desktop as a standard application or in a browser as a web application.



AxiomTrend builds on the solid foundation of Canary Labs’ legacy trend products delivering a next generation client/server solution. Designed as an enterprise level product, AxiomTrend is capable of delivering the rich content desired by today’s diverse user community. Built around a server oriented architecture it reduces the total cost of ownership over the life of the implementation. Using standard Web Services, it supports multiple connected Enterprise Historians and presents the data in a rich graphical manner to desktops, browsers (local and remote) and mobile devices.

AxiomTrend has the functionality of the legacy Trend Link product but rather than being an application which must be installed on the desktop, AxiomTrend is a thin client that is installed with a “single click” from a server site. The system architecture is flexible enough to support a mixture of client platforms. Whether the client is a mobile device or a desktop the user experience is identical, reducing your cost to develop and deploy content.

Feature rich, AxiomTrend will allow you to better display the process data from your operation historian.  For instance, one popular feature, Calculation Trend, gives you the ability to create custom equations using data points.  Below you can watch a short video highlighting this feature.



To see further features of AxiomTrend, please visit the Axiom product page, or allow us to show you an online demo of the software.



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Jeff Knepper

Written by Jeff Knepper