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Axiom Version 11.1 Released

Jul 21, 2016 11:29:00 AM / by Jeff Knepper

In a continuous effort to ensure that Canary software is best in class, we are pleased to announce the release of 11.1.0.  Several new features are debuting with 11.1.0, including the ability to connect the Views service to OPC HDA as well as OPC UA, event playback, and the saving of design templates.  Read further for the complete list of changes.

Data Historian Changes Made in Version 11.1.0

  • Canary Admin: changed Home tab scaling to better fill the area without having a scroll bar.
  • Canary Admin: added ability to save credentials for endpoints requiring username/password.
  • Security: fixed problem with user not recognized as part of Administrators group with User Access Control enabled.
  • Canary Admin: added more links to F1, helping browsing.
  • Canary Admin: add keep alive timer on home screen when it goes out of view to prevent service from timimng out.
  • Views Service: refactored to support specific Axiom functionality and the Views plug-ins. Rewrote existing customer’s Plug-in to new interface.
  • Views Service: fixed Axiom's history data issue causing no data when going into live mode.
  • Views API: added some new interfaces for retrieving data to support UA functionality.
  • Views Service: added new plug-ins for OPC HDA and OPC UA for displaying data from 3rd party servers in Axiom.
  • Historian: fixed issue with time extension on annotations coming through Store and Forward.
  • Security: fixed issue if server name in chart file does not match case of server name.

Axiom Changes Made to Version 11.1.0

  • Added preference template to AxiomTrend.
  • Added AxiomTrend layout option to load a group of charts into saved locations.
  • Added Playback option to AxiomTrend/AxiomView.
  • Added ability for an Administrator to perform file management in the ReadOnly folder.
  • AxiomChartConversion, legend display property not converting as expected because some trend link files had -1 for a column visiblity indicator.
  • AxiomView startup performance improvements.
  • ChartConversion update to handle Fluke HDA.
  • Added default template into the UserFiles\All ReadOnly.
  • Added "stop live mode" in the RemoveAllTrends method to keep the Core and Client in sync.
  • Changed the AxiomCore to retreive the list of aggregates from the web service.
  • AxiomView: added new navigate property on button that allows switching screens without using script.
  • AxiomView: corrected UTC display issues for value bar and absolute time fields.
  • AxiomView: preserve time component when using chart date pickers.
  • Browser Client: "No Data" quality was not always being caught and would trend 0. Added different check for bad quality.
  • AxiomCore: correct logic that was causing intermittent "No Data"s to appear in the client.
  • Fixed problem with "No Data" being displayed at the Live Edge while in Live Mode.
  • Updated helps to reflect the new Metro look of Axiom.
  • AxiomCore: corrected not being able to save annotation on trend with multiple aggregates.
  • AxiomView: correct live mode not being restored when undoing time change.
  • AxiomCore: correct web service license not releasing when Axiom chart shut down.
  • AxiomView: correct graphic storage error when running multiple instances.
  • Axiom Browser Client: value bar was not being re-positioned when trends were resized.
  • AxiomTrend: corrections to statistics Samples, %valid and algorithms.
  • Fixed problem of licenses reserved for Administrative groups not being used.
  • Updated Axiom Browser client to only consume 1 license for clients on multiple tabs.
  • Security: fixed problem with user not recognized as part of Administrators group with User Access Control enabled.

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Jeff Knepper

Written by Jeff Knepper