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Version 18.1 Release Notes

Nov 9, 2018 1:10:16 PM / by Jeff Knepper

The last official release of 2018 is now available, version 18.1. Both Axiom and the Canary Historian have seen some new feature additions as well as a few bug fixes:

Axiom Changes

- Added tutorials to Browser client.

- Added aggregate picker with descriptions where aggregates are used in Browser client.

- Added aggregates to value boxes and gauges.

- Added color property to define fill color linear gauges.

- Added security lockout of wrong credentials are entered a specified amount of times within a certain amount of time.

- Added a parameter to command line called “LiveTime” for specifying the live edge of the chart.

- Fixed the user credentials being used to audit an annotation edit.

- Changes to locale formatting to work in IE11.

- Added “Auto Min/Max” autoscale options. Auto Min clamps the max scale value and allows the min scale to adjust automatically. Auto Max clamps the min scale.

- Allow resizing of Legend columns in desktop client.

- Added ability to Browser Client to replace Display Name with Descriptions.


Historian Changes

- Fixed Events to send email when the minimum duration requirement is met.

- Change to disable a backfill operation if any file is offline within the dataset.

- Fixed the Events, Offset parameter not working correctly.

- Added security to “GetDataSets” method when connection is made with user credentials.

- Removed “Everyone” permissions on the Canary Labs folder in Program Files.

- Change file open sharing to allow other processes to open the file in read mode for copying/backup purposes.

- Checking the box to register license server will now start the service.



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