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Version 19.0 Release Notes

May 16, 2019 9:13:47 AM / by Jeff Knepper

The first official release of 2019 is now available, version 19.0. Both Axiom and the Canary Historian have seen some new feature additions as well as a few bug fixes:

Axiom Changes

- Made improvements to realtime trending performance.

- Panel control to choose active asset of the panel.

- Replaced Axiom Desktop with a Desktop app running the Axiom Browser code.

- SVG symbol files were moved to a well known location relative to the core. Old XAML symbols 
are no longer used.

- IE is not a supported browser of the Axiom browser client. Accessing Axiom from this browser 
will provide the desktop download app.

- A spark chart will allow one scale to be configured and auto scale the one that is not 

- Added ability to show a scale on the spark chart with the high and low of the scale.

- Added a scheduled reporting option to save image of Axiom application at specific time.

- Reserving licenses for a Multi-tenant security group will limit multi-tenant users of that 
group to the number of reserved licenses.

- Fixed duplicate session creation in Axiom audit from the web interface.

- Provided a new function Fallback(,) for trend calculation to allow a user to provide a value 
when an input trend's pixel doesn't have a value - likely due to a no data condition. The button 
name is "Flbk".

- Fixed parsing of tags with "\" escape character in front of embedded ".". Legend would show 
some tags with escape character and some with attribute only.

- Added a CanaryBasePath registry entry to move meta data (charts, applications, sender buffer) to a user defined location.

- Added Browser only "Full screen" button and "Esc" or F11 to toggle Full Screen mode.

- Fix to allow Administrators to add folders under Read Only directory.

- Added icon in menu bar to Add Trends without opening Edit dialog.

- Added Display property to linear gauge to be "Standard", "Fill", or "Cutaway". The "Fill" 
display will have a scale next to the "Cutaway".

- Better Scale bounds for discrete tags (0-1).

- Axiom will rename any reserved names used for screens or controls without throwing an error.

- Reworked scale sizing especially when scales were staggered.

- Added better prompts to save scripting changes.

- Removed aggregates "Start", "End" and "Delta" which are replaced with "Startbound", "Endbound" and "Deltabounds".

- Change scales to only show significant digits to give more trending area.

- Setting the "Aggregate Interval" to 00:00:00 in the export will output the raw data (only 
when a value or quality changed).

- Added the "Live Scroll Percent from Live Edge" to Axiom. This was an option in Trend Link.

- Added option to stay logged in until cookies are cleared from the machine.

- Added scale dragging, resizing and hi/low scale edits.

- Added "Auto Band Padding" to allow for padding adjustments between bands on a Trend Graph


Historian Changes

- Added mechanism for models to be rebuilt if something changes in the DataSet (adding tags).

- Fix to allow the Views service to fully load the browse tree for large models. Accessing the 
Views while it was loading could cause slow down of the system.

- Added ability for the Historian to send annotations to a redundant historian.

- Added logic in CygNet collector/sender/receiver to externally store tag properties in a 
SQLite database and make the views service aware.

- Added ability to execute Ad Hoc Event queries and find events functionality to the Web API.

- Annotation audit was changed to use Axiom user credentials in place of windows credentials.

- Fix bug to allow OPC Collector to reconnect to UA server when the UA server no longer has the 
Session ID.

- Powershell script examples to call web api for process data & raw data and export to csv file.

- The Excel Add-In was changed to release the license/connection after every Add-In call.

- Enhancement to Historian Trend Vectors to prevent file corruption when being split.

- Fixed a case in the Historian when viewing an annotation over 512 bytes using the Admin.


Collectors Changes

- Added MQTT Sparkplug B Collector.

- Users can specify a full endpoint of an OPC UA server in place of host name, port.

- Reworked the CygNet collector to rebuild the tag list in the background and then swap it in 
after a resync.

- Added several new options to csv import.



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Jeff Knepper

Written by Jeff Knepper