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Trend and Dashboard Fluke Calibration Devices

May 18, 2017 2:32:00 PM / by Jeff Knepper

 Since 1996, Canary Labs has partnered with Fluke to provide high capability trending through Trend Link.  Now, you can easily move data from your Fluke Calibration equipment into the Canary Historian and allow your team to remotely monitor, dashboard, and trend results.  Quickly access historical data, even while the device is continuing to scan, and export all of your findings into Microsoft Excel or even into other databases.

Better Trending

Canary has developed the most powerful trending tools on the market, Trend Link and Axiom.  Compatible with both NetDaq as well as DAQ versions 4 thru 6, you can now do more with trending.
For example, using Axiom, you can complete the following:
  • -Perform complex calculations, even incorporate other channels in your equations
  • -Run aggregates like TimeAverage, Maximum, Minimum, Total, Count, Range and many others
  • -Annotate directly on the trend graph
  • -Overlay multiple channels on a single graph
  • -Set high and low limits
  • -Save trend graphs both publicly and privately
  • -Export the graph as a .pdf or .csv file
  • -Relive an event in Playback Mode
Easy to learn to use and intuitive, Axiom will allow you to access your data via thin-client or from any modern web browser.

Watch a Full Demonstration 

Build Custom Dashboards

Axiom allows for each user to design their own custom dashboards.  Simple "drag and drop" controls require no training.  The dashboard editor is built into each screen, allowing for editing while live data continues to be featured on screen.



Learn More About Canary Solutions

To see a live demo of the Canary system, or to speak to clients that are successfully using Canary Trend Link or Axiom with Fluke Calibration devices, contact us directly.

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Jeff Knepper

Written by Jeff Knepper