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Reducing OEM Warranty Claims With Cloud Services

Sep 26, 2017 11:08:00 AM / by Jeff Knepper

Every OEM wants their equipment to operate to the highest standard, and no one, client included, wants to experience unplanned downtime due to equipment failure.  As an OEM, what steps can you take to reduce warranty claims and increase client satisfaction?  You might be surprised to learn how you can benefit from "building-in" the ability to remotely capture data from your equipment in the field.

The benefits of data collection

If you could easily see how your equipment was performing "after-the-sale", how would it change your operation?  Here are just a few of the numerous benefits.
  • Reduction in warranty claims
    • - determine whether equipment failure was due to operator neglect or malfunction
  • Operator training
    • - identify common operator mistakes and adjust your training process or setup to eliminate these issues
  • Client Offerings
    • - provide your clients with the ability to learn from the data, adding value to your product
  • Additional Billings
    • - potentially sell data access as a monthly, quarterly, or annual billable
  • Parts Sourcing
    • - monitor performance of individual parts and make better parts sourcing decisions

How to get started

Canary wants to make it as easy as possible to allow you to offer more value to your clients and increase your revenue stream.  Our hosted Cloud Historian is a great solution.  We can show you how to collect data from your equipment without having to purchase additional software and stream it live to our cloud.  From there, you can access the data from any web browser.  We will help you create accounts for clients, and even provide billing guidelines so you can potentially resell our service.

Live demo

Here is an example of a piece of equipment that weighs and bags citrus fruit.  Data is being sent from the equipment to our cloud and the OEM is offering dashboards and trending charts so the client can remotely monitor ten pieces of equipment in real-time.

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Jeff Knepper

Written by Jeff Knepper