The Process of Upgrading TrendLink to Axiom

Nov 26, 2017 8:00:00 AM / by Jeff Knepper

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Dear Cali,

Good question, one that we actually get quite a lot.  Yes, Axiom and TrendLink are both sold apart from our data historian.  To your second question, the update process from a TrendLink license to Axiom is simple.  Canary offers a discounted Axiom crossgrade license that converts an existing TrendLink license to Axiom.  To qualify, your company needs to be an active member of Canary CustomerCare.  Otherwise, you would simply purchase a new version of Axiom.

Once the license has been obtained, simply install Axiom and connect to the existing Canary data historian.  Assuming you are running the most current version of historian software, Axiom will install without interrupting your logging or historian software.  Both Axiom and TrendLink can connect to the same data historian as well.

Existing TrendLink chart files can be easily converted to Axiom chart files using a conversion tool that Canary offers at no additional charge.  If you need help, we will gladly walk you through the process, again, no charge.

Axiom has a very similar feel to TrendLink and most staff are able to make the switch without having to bother with additional training.  For Axiom crossgrade customers, we allow you a full 90 days of Axiom installation before requesting you surrender your existing TrendLink licenses.  We have found this is very helpful when on-boarding old guys like me that don't like change.


Gary Stern
President and Founder
Canary Labs
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Jeff Knepper

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