Automate Asset Discovery Using the Canary System

Apr 6, 2020 1:16:45 PM / by Jeff Knepper

Some companies deal with an ever changing landscape of devices and tags. Whether it be assets in the field, or entire plants that come online, if you can automate the discovery of new tags and assets you will dramatically decrease your workload while providing faster data access to your client tools.

In the video below, you can watch in real time as I add new tags to the Canary System. These tags are archived in the Canary Historian and then automatically discovered by the Canary Virtual Views. Using tag naming logic and regular expression rules, the Virtual View Service parses the new group of tags into assets.

Meanwhile, an Axiom application is reading the same Virtual View and displaying the known asset instances onscreen. Set to refresh every 15 seconds, the Axiom application will pickup the new asset and automatically create a display card for it.

This entire process takes just 60 seconds from the time history is enabled on the tags.  Think about the time this can save you and your team; automation engineers deserve automated workflows!



If you want to equip your system with the same efficiency, you could greatly benefit from the Canary System.  Learn more or start your proof of concept today.

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Jeff Knepper

Written by Jeff Knepper